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How to Blog for SEO Benefits

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TJ Philpott

Author: TJ Philpott

Learning how to blog to increase your search engine ranking is not complicated but does require some commitment. As we’ve all heard by now search engines love blogs. Simply placing a blog on the same site with a website virtually guarantees a higher ranking for the website itself, right? Well this perception is partially true so let’s clear that up now.

Blogs have gained the favor of search engines primarily due to the frequency of how often the content is updated. Now more and more people are setting up blogs with the SOLE intent to receive these ‘instant’ seo benefits for their website. This is where the breakdown in a blogs ‘relationship’ with the search engines begins.

Let’s review 3 reasons why the MOTIVATION behind a blog is the key to its success:


The foundation of any successful blog is the mindset of the blogger themselves. This is where it all starts. The genuine interest a blogger has for the subject they are blogging about is evident in the quality of their content and the frequency of their posting. To start a blog just to boost your search engine ranking usually indicates the lack of deep rooted enthusiasm needed for maintaining a blog. Posting regular and quality content will require a certain passion for the blog subject itself. If this passion does not exist both the quality and frequency of blog posts will decrease as will the reader base.


If the proper mindset or passion for starting a blog does not exist it will be difficult to maintain the commitment needed to manage the blog. Soon posts will become more infrequent, grammatical errors will occur and the content will turn to fluff. This will result in a decrease in readers. The necessary diligence needed to research and properly utilize keywords will also become less evident. The overall writing style on the blog will then revert back to a more casual off-line style where regard for keyword optimization is a non-issue. When this occurs the blogs search engine ranking will then decline.


There existed a time in the not so distant past where blogs were the only type of interactive sites online. This made blogs all the more popular with online users and as a result, searches engines. With the craving for more sites that offered this web 2.0 type interactivity came the growth and popularity of social network and social media sites. As these sites grew in numbers and popularity the search engines noticed.

Now there exist more competition for the search engines attention between and amongst blogs and these social sites. As a result of this increase in competition more and consistent efforts are needed to gain and maintain higher search rankings.

As you can see knowing how to blog effectively requires the willingness to commit yourself to the blog and all the maintenance it entails. This commitment is easier to maintain if you possess a genuine interest or passion in the subject and purpose of your blog. This passion will serve to better motivate you while also making your work more enjoyable.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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