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Rude Armchair Theology

Best Religious Blog

Best Religious Blog

BlogNet Award nominee for the Best Religion Blog is Rude Armchair Theology.  This is a blog site that will give reflections by Mike Groghan who on his blog has this opening ” Just a personal web journal, often on theological topics. It’s “rude” in three senses: “crude” in that I have little formal theological training; “offensive” in that the things I write unintentionally tick folks off sometimes, and “rough” in the form of occasional spicy language. If any of that turns you off, then I’m sorry to see you go. Otherwise, welcome!”
Since 2003, Rude Armchair Theology has offered its readers everything  from art, life, leadership and so many different categories, just remember to come back and Vote  and Comment for your entry into the Comment  Contest.

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  2. By fred999 on Sep 25, 2008 | Reply

    Some articles do get you thinking
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  3. By dragonblogger on Jan 7, 2009 | Reply

    Some good information that can apply even for non-religious.

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