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The Bob Files

Best Diarist Blog

Best Diarist Blog

The Bob Files is nominated for the Best Diarist Blog category. The nominator who is also the author of this site wants all the readers to know that his blog is about the daily look at the world around himself as: a father , son, brother husband, friend, former high school student, Unitarian, long suffering Bears Fan and so much more.

The BlogNet Awards team goes through every site that is nominated and does a manual review not just to see if it meets our criteria, but also to do a short review of the sites, to give you our voters an idea of what you will see when you get to a blog. This is a very clean site, uploads quickly both in IE as well as Firefox and has plenty of content to hold your interest. To give you an idea of how this author writes his content we give you this small glimpse ” I started writing seriously when I was 13 and I wrote my first Stephen King story. I don’t know how old Stephen King was when he wrote his first Stephen King story, but I think 13 is pretty good… even if he did write his earlier, he had the advantage of actually being Stephen King.”

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