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This Movie Sucks!

Best Humor Blog

Best Humor Blog

Nominated for Best Humor Blog is This Movie Sucks! This humorous blog is described by the nominator as “Reviews more entertaining than the movies themselves.”

Joseph Guida and S. Michael Wilson, (o.k., Joey and Scott) are ne’er-do-wells earning a living at it. They also enjoy, and review movies. The BlogNet Awards Team quickly discovered that these two guys have developed some fairly strong opinions about what is and is not good, and are more than willing to share them. In this reviewing this blog, we found the categories, “Bad Movies at your Fingertips”, “Films So Bad They Make God Cry” and “Bad Movies we Refuse to Review because we still Love Them”. Plus, there was the very helpful Booth Review, an attempt at letting no bad movie escape unscathed…unless they happen to love it. For people who hate bad movies, they sure do watch a lot of them, but we think you’ll enjoy their unique cinema sensibilities.

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