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Who is eligible for the BlogNet Award?

Only blogs can be nominated for the BlogNet Best of Blogs Awards.

Is there a Nomination Deadline?

Nominations for each month’s competition remain open until the 15th of the month at midnight MST. Any nominations received after that time will be held over for the following months competition. Your contest entry credits will also be held over on nominations received after deadline.

How do I nominate a blog?

You must be a registered user in order to nominate, vote, or comment on this website. By registering you are acknowledging acceptance of the Terms of Service and Contest Rules of


Before you nominate any blog, please check HERE just in case it has already been nominated. If it has already been nominated you can still gain some benefit by voting for and commenting on it.

If it hasn’t been nominated, simply go directly to NOMINATIONS FORM BELOW and follow the instructions.

How many blogs can I nominate?

At this point in time you may nominate as many blogs as you like and there’s no limit to the number of categories a blog may be nominated in providing that it meets the category criteria. In order to meet a category’s criteria, the general theme and appearance of the blog and over 60% of its content must fit that category. However, if we detect any abuse of the nomination process we reserve the right to limit the number of nominations you can make.

NOTE: Nominated blogs that are seen to be “spam blogs” (splogs) or have little to no content will not be accepted. We are looking to raise the bar with quality, not clutter the site with trash.

Where is my nominated blog?

Nominations that are accepted will be posted to the appropriate category as soon as possible. Our decision to accept or reject a nomination is final. If you don’t see your nominated blog or have any other questions, please use the “Contact Us” form.

Every accepted nomination is an entry into the Cash Contest so nominate often but nominate well! If your nominated blog wins the BlogNet Awards, you will share the recognition for that month AND if they win the annual award, you share for a whole YEAR! That’s a lot of exposure for you!

What happens to the information I give on this form?

Once we receive your information, we will do a manual review on the blog that you have nominated. If we receive your information after the deadline, then the nominated blog will be held over to the following month. We will inform you of this information.
We value your privacy as our own and as per the Privacy/Notices part of the TOS, we will never abuse this information. We suggest that you read our Privacy Policy so that you understand your rights as well as our obligations.

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Please Do Not Renominate a Blog.  All Nominated Blogs will remain on the site until they have won or are taken off the site. Full Listings of Blogs on this Site are HERE.

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