BlogNet Widget

This page describes how to get a free BlogNet Widget for your site, and why you should! If you’re in a hurry just click here! to get yours now!

(Read on to learn more about the 3 for U and 3 for 1 benefits!)

Basically the widget displays a great image to your visitor, and functions like a link back to BlogNet Awards. Displaying this linked image helps to bring your loyal friends and visitors over to BlogNet Awards to vote for your blog, and there’s MORE! If your blog isn’t nominated you can STILL benefit by displaying the widget.

3 For 1Whatever your reasons for displaying the BlogNet Awards widget on your site, we want to reward you for the linking by placing your 125×125 banner in rotation on BlogNet Awards, and by placing your link on two otherĀ  websites. 3 for 1. That means for 1 link to us, we give you 3 back (and we all know how important links are)

3 For U - We also offer 3 entries in our Cash & Credit Comment Contest every month for displaying the BlogNet widget. Keep that link active and you will continue to earn 3 credits in the Comment Contest every month!

The widget also benefits everyone you send to BlogNet Awards, by enabling them to get into the comments contest and create back links to their own sites.

More features coming soon:

  • Improvements that will turn the widget into a powerful tracking tool. It will soon be able to tally all the impressions and all the visitors sent from your site which will earn you even MORE entries to the Comment Contest, and who knows what else we will dream up to add as bonuses ;-)
  • An advertising program which will utilize contextual advertising displayed on your site and giving you up to 75% of the advertising revenue just by adding our widget to your site! and..
  • An affiliate program that will allow you to benefit from helping us sell the plugin/widget and other products from the fertile minds of BlogNet Awards and SuccessPatrol

To get your widget simply create a user account, and then login to your account on at and look in the upper right area for “profile”. When you cick on “profile” you’ll be taken your user dashboard with “My Widget” in the upper left area, and this is where you’ll collect your widget code.