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I Eat My Pigeon

Best Diarist Blog

Best Diarist Blog

I Eat My Pigeon” has been nominated for the Best Diarist Blog on BlogNet Awards. This site has been described in this manner “This blog is more than a diary of Liv’s life; it is a collection of cohesive entries built around themes that are well-thought out and entertaining. As she bounces from country to country, she learns more about who she is, what she is capable of, and what it took to get her where she is. As self-aware as she is engaging, Liv is a blogger who writes not just to write–but to grow. And her readers love to watch.”

Liv, the author of this site, has wandered from Bumble Fork to New York City to Dublin to Japan and back to New York city, so far. She’s a writer. For as often as she uses the phrase “become a writer”, she has actually already become one. The BlogNet Awards Team, much like the rest of her readers, felt lucky to follow along on her journey of self-discovery both as a woman and a writer. This site is about growing up and find out who you are more than it’s about “becoming” something. Liv was always a writer. Reviewing this blog gave us a chance to watch her unwrap her gift.

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  1. 6 Comment(s)

  2. By Tech blogger on Jun 7, 2009 | Reply

    Reading lots of pages without any image made your blog quite boring. My advise would be that you include some pictures in each post.

  3. By wiehanne on Jun 25, 2009 | Reply

    “I Eat My Pigeon” a very interesting blog title. Caught my attention directly.

  4. By reesan on Jul 8, 2009 | Reply

    FTW! :-)

  5. By dragonblogger on Jul 10, 2009 | Reply

    Blog title is very good for grabbing attention, but articles are so hard to follow unless you know more about the blogger personally. Also seem disjointed in style and format.

  6. By Fida Abbott on Jul 26, 2009 | Reply

    I have the same opinion as if Dragonblogger has said.

    Good luck in this contest!

  7. By syzyrgy on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    You’ve put a lot of work into the blog! Looks great!

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