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Best Parenting Blog

Best Parenting Blog

MomsHomeRun has been nominated for the Best Parenting Blog category. While the nominator felt that this was a blogging blog, we have put this site in the parenting category, in part because of the title, but also the nominators description of “Mommy running, to keep from running away.

While the BlogNet Awards team has been to many parenting blog, we saw something very unique in the blog and that is the comparing of running to parenting. The blogger of this site says on her site “I’m fascinated by the parallels between motherhood and running and you’ll find a lot of them on this blog!” There was on post on her blog that really sums up this site and what you will find

Mom in the fast lane
The weeks fly by so fast.
I wish I could run that fast!

Can you feel the speed?!
That’s not me running.

But that is me living my life as a mom.
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  2. By kzemek on Mar 8, 2009 | Reply

    Nice blog by a mother who likes to run and posts about it.

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