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My Zero Waste

Best Environmental Blog

Best Environmental Blog

Nominated Best Environmental Blog is My Zero Waste. As the nominator said “This is about an ordinary family in the UK, reducing the amount of rubbish they send to landfill. They began with an ‘average’ amount of around 150 liters per week and now put out less than 100gms per week. Their blog tells you how they do it and they have a following of over 70,000 visitors per month.

Endorsed by Ethical Junction, a group which brings together businesses and consumers who share a commitment to ethical values, this blog is teaching us to pursue the goal of literally eliminating waste from our lives entirely. The BlogNet Awards team was introduced to the concept of zero waste through the stringent practice of recycling and composting. This is a thought-provoking blog which challenges such ideas as incineration as a means of achieving zero waste. Practical ideas are offered and illustrated with photos and drawings. On the right side of the blog, you’ll find opportunities to shop recycled and to connect with Ethical Junction businesses and share your thoughts. You’ll want to give your focused thought to the ideas presented in this blog.

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  1. 2 Comment(s)

  2. By Ecogirl on Apr 3, 2009 | Reply

    Love this site and have been following for a long time. I’ve learned a lot about reducing my own rubbish and the writers are always around to answer and acknowledge whenever you post a comment, which makes a refreshing change from a lot of ‘faceless’ blogs out there!

    I love how they show how just an ‘ordinary’ family can do so much. While big corporations are having meetings about their next meeting, this family are just getting on with it and showing what can be done.

    All power to them – they really deserve to win this award.

  3. By healthyou on May 31, 2009 | Reply

    These are useful tips, good for reducing carbon footptints and greenhouse gas emissions. Good blog for another visit

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