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Best Parenting Blog

Best Parenting Blog

The SkepDad Blog” has been nominated for the Best Parenting Blog. The nominator describes this site as ” A blog by skeptical fathers for skeptical fathers to help them raise skeptical fathers…and mothers.”

Brad, the author, is a scientist, University of Alberta grad, and more recently, a fairly new dad. He wants his daughter, now two years old, to think things through, to be positive but rational rather than gullible. He’s working on a system to accomplish that (Remember, said he was a scientist…) and is willing to share his findings in this field.
These were the findings of the BlogNet Awards Team in reviewing this blog. We also found a plethora of potty training advice from all the pros, that covered every possibly approach to the problem other than turning the water on to make nature runs its course. We found that love and logic don’t make such strange bedfellows after all, as this blog was clearly born of love for his daughter and a desire to protect her and see her happy. We found a mini blog, news, categories, archives, and links among the good stuff in the column on the left. Most importantly, we found a dad most dads can relate to willing to open up a conversation no one seemed to be having. Anyone will find his input interesting, but dads will especially feel his pain. You should go there to help him potty train the child. He needs you.

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