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The Winner of the September 2008 BlogNet monthly Trophy Award was Mariuca.¬† The Blogger of this blog site is a free lance copywriter who works at home.With a Page Rank 3 when your visit her blog, before entering the Vote/Comment contest, You are going to find many ways to keep you interested. She has a live chat,you can read about travel, food, awards cats and the list goes on.Remember when you come back some of the things you might want to share when Voting and Commenting on the BlogNet Awards “Comment Contest” are the contents of this blog site, site navigation, relevancy and the site response.








The winners of September 2008 Comment Contest are as follows:

1st Prize – $250.00 – syabilsania

2nd Prize – $150.00 – fred999

3rd Prize – $50 – Brad West

4th Prize – 2500EC – phatelara

5th Prize – 1500EC – ladyjava

6th Prize – 750EC – sweet girl

7th Prize – 500EC – pfogel

8th Prize – 250EC – Roxy

9th Prize – 2 weeks banner rotation – laketrees

10th Prize – 1 week banner rotation – jnsmith